Sunday, April 16, 2017

And It's Been Another Month Since I Last Posted

If you've been following my last couple of posts, I've been showing off the cards I bought at a card show I attended in February. All of these cards I bought from the first table that I stopped at, and they were all a dime apiece.

I haven't been buying oddballs as much as I used to. This card is from the thirty-three card 1988 Revco League Leaders set. I had never heard of Revco, but from their logo I correctly guessed it was a drug store. They were bought out by CVS in 1997.

These four cards are pretty cool. They are from the 1991 thirty card Post Cereal set, but the Canadian version.

Although I'm pretty sure I have a few of these cards already, I'm a fan of anything 1991 Upper Deck. I do still need to get the Final Edition set though.

As I've gotten older, I'm become a fan of the unlicensed Broder sets. This Wade Boggs and Mike Greenwell are from the twenty-one card 1989 Baseball's Best One. These were the only Red Sox players featured, although there is another Mike Greenwell card,

Here's a random football card. It was old so it became mine.

The last item I'll show in this post is not a card, but actually a set. This was released in 1991 by Barry Colla Photography with a "limited edition" production of only 7,500 sets. (This was set 5,573...and was apparently selling for $8.00 back in the day.)

Sorry I took so long between posts...I'm still trying to figure out this time management thing.

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