Friday, July 10, 2015

No Card Shows? No Problem!

I still have oddballs finding their way into my collection. This time they are courtesy of "Johnny's Trading Spot". 

He had a few groups of cards that he was willing to trade for one or two cards per group. I picked two groups of cards to satisfy my oddball fetish.

I had no idea that these existed. This is part of the 1990 Smokey Bear California Angels set.

It is a twenty card set and there were fifteen of them.

I'm missing Jim Abbott, Bert Blyleven, Chili Davis, Chuck Finley and Bryan Harvey.

Even though the backs have no stats, I still like them, even though I'm a bit wary about a card that offers "arson tips".

This was the other group of oddballs that he sent my way.

Five discs from the 1994 King B Quality Meat Snacks set. You got one disc when you bought a can of their beef jerky.

There is twenty-four discs in the set and with these, I now have eight of them (plus a Andy Van Slyke dupe).

The last piece I got from the trade package was this 1984 7-11 Slurpee Disc of Keith Hernandez (which it turns out I already have).

Thanks for the trade, John! I will keep checking out your blog to see if you've got anything else up for trade that catches my eye.

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  1. I have a 3000 count box of oddballs, and still haven't put in the ones from the 106K cards I picked up on 7/4. (I will be sorting those boxes the rest of the year, lol). Just from the stacks in the first 7 boxes I already need to move them into a 5K box.