Saturday, May 23, 2015

It Happened Again

At the beginning of the year I showed you a card that was a 1982 Topps Roberto Ramos on the front, but a miscut Reggie Smith and Jerry White on the back. You can see that post here.

Buying one of those same 100 card repacks from Target netted me another from that sheet.

One side is Mark Wagner...

The other side is a miscut Rick Sutcliffe and Don Money.

I wonder if that whole sheet ended up in these repacks.


  1. I think I pulled a few packs with these in them back in 1982. Are all of the ones you are getting from Sheet D (the notation next to the copyright symbol)?

    1. And apologies if you have answered that question already.

    2. Yes, they are both from sheet D. Does this mean I won't get all of them?