Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Trade With Hot Corner Cards

One night during my nightly reading, I arrived at "Hot Corner Cards" and became aware that Pat, the author of this fine blog,  put it out there that he was looking for trade partners to help finish up some sets. I contacted him and sent him a bunch of set needs (read his post by clicking here), and he responded in turn with some stacks of cards I needed.

Some 1990 Donruss needs. This brings me to 17 cards left.


He also sent a small stack of 2013 Topps Series 2. I need about 75 more to complete this set.

But the highlight of this package was...

Out of the 200 card base set now I need about 50 to complete it. So check my want list here. I've got some dupes as well, so maybe a trade can be worked out!
There were also some Red Sox from 2013 Heritage....

...and ending with a bunch of Red Sox assorted insert and base cards. 
Thanks for the trade Pat! I had a great time going through what you sent me, and it really put a dent in my set needs for this year.
 Looking forward to trading again!

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