Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More Cards From The Clubhouse

You may have read lately on Kaz's blog "This Way To The Clubhouse" about all the cool cards he picked up at the show he was at previously. While he was there, he picked up some cool cards for me as well.

If you read my last post, I had mentioned that I find it quite amazing that with all the cards I have, someone can send me a random assortment of Red Sox and all I see are cards I need (or up until that point, needed).

Well just, by picking random cards out of nickel boxes, Kaz was damn near perfect.

Out of the first nine, I only had the Scott Cooper parallel. Mid to late 90's cards are noticeably absent from my collection...

...which is why I'm seeing all of these cards for the first time. I think I might have 20 of the 1998 Topps Finest cards, but I think these might be my first cards from 1998 Leaf Rookies and Stars.

I also have very few 1997 Topps and 2005 Topps Total. The Steve Avery 1997 Upper Deck SP I'm sure will sit alone in a plastic case waiting for other cards from that set.

I did buy a lot of the 2008 Upper Deck Heroes, but I've still got a bit to go to complete that set. Same with 1982 and 1984 Topps. 1983 Topps is one of the few sets that I have completed.

Kaz also sent me a 1999 UD Choice David Ortiz. Doesn't matter that he's with the Twins. I'm a set collector. It's from the late 90's. I didn't have it. I needed it.

Next to Mr. Ortiz is a 1998 Collectors Choice Brian Rose. I'm not sure if Kaz knows this or not, but he pitched a whopping 8 2/3 innings for his Mets in 2001.

The 1995 Fleer Scott Cooper is actually a double sided card, with Ken Caminiti on the back.

These last two cards are from the earlier years of my collecting "career". Whether I have these cards already or not is irrelevant to me. Seeing cards like this bring me back to when I was a kid, with my cards all over my bedroom floor (which sadly continues to this day, with apologies to my wife). There weren't any parallels, no SP's, no 1/1's, etc...just a base set, and an update set. Much simpler.

Thanks Kaz, for taking time out of your day to go look for some cards for me. You can be sure I'll be returning the favor.

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  1. I did not know that about Brian Rose. Good info!