Friday, August 9, 2013

The Cardsone Chronicles - Mixed Sport Edition (Season 1 Episode 2)

Most of the repacks I buy are from the dollar store. There is a Dollar Tree where I live and I usually stop in there around once a week. Quite often they have what is a labled as an "Ultimate Super Jumbo Pack", in this case the "Mixed Sports Edition". The company is called Cardsone, and these packs generally contain cards solely from the junk wax era. I still enjoy opening these and often will open one before I go to bed. It sort of winds down the evening for me. The most recent batch of these featured a card from 1999 Team Best Top Prospects peeking through the wrapper.

1999 Team Best Baseball Top Prospects Cordell Farley (Va. Commonwealth)
1987 Topps Baseball Terry Francona (Cubs)
1991 Donruss Baseball Carlton Fisk (White Sox)
1992 ProSet NASCAR Andy Petree (Skoal)
1992 Topps Gold Baseball Nelson Santovenia (Expos)
1988 Score Baseball Rob Woodward (Red Sox)
1989 Fleer Baseball Roger McDowell (Mets)
1993 Classic Draft Picks Basketball Josh Grant (Nuggets)
1988 Score Baseball Ken Williams (White Sox)

1988 Fleer Baseball Juan Beniquez (Blue Jays)
1990 Donruss Baseball Kevin McReynolds (Mets)
1988 Donruss Baseball John Cangelosi (Pirates)
1994 Finish Line Gold NASCAR Ernie Irvan (Texaco)
1989 Donruss Baseball Bruce Benedict (Braves)
1987 Topps Baseball Bob Horner (Braves)
1985 Topps Baseball Lonnie Smith (Cardinals)
1990 Donruss Baseball Gary Wayne (Twins)
1992 Topps Gold Winner Baseball Chuck McElroy (Cubs)

1989-90 Hoops Basketball A.C. Green (Lakers)
1995 Tracks NASCAR Tommy Houston (Red Devil)
1993 Classic Draft Picks Basketball Toni Kukoc (Bulls)
1987 Topps Baseball Rick Aguilera (Mets)
1986 Topps Baseball John Wathan (Royals)
1989 Donruss Baseball Greg Harris (Padres)
1996 Upper Deck Screamin' Steel NASCAR Jeremy Mayfield (RCA)
1993 Classic Draft Picks Basketball Geert Hammink (Magic)
1983 Topps Baseball Tony Bernazard (White Sox)

1993 Classic Draft Picks Basketball William Davis (Free Agent)
1989-90 Hoops Basketball Akeem Olajuwon AS (Rockets)
1993 Classic Draft Picks Basketball Byron Russell (Jazz)

1993 Classic Draft Picks Basketball Byron Russell (Jazz)

This one was baseball heavy (as was the first one of these I posted about) and a quick search of my want lists shows that I need the 88 Score Ken Williams and the 85 Topps Lonnie Smith for my sets. There were a few NASCAR cards this time as well as more of the 93 Classic Basketball Draft Picks. I probably have a good amount of that set just from these repacks.

I also got a couple of the 1992 Topps Gold Winner cards. Those have been showing up quite a lot lately as well. I have about 75 of those now. The 1983 Tony Bernazard I already had, but I'm sure this will be used as an upgrade.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I bought one of those one time (I don't know why, I've got the junk wax era covered), and every top left corner was bent.