Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Dentist And The Dollar Tree

My fiancee had to go to the dentist earlier this week, and like a good man I offered to go with her and support her throughout her ordeal. During the drive over, I realized I had left the magazine that I was reading at home. I wasn't going to take a chance on there being inadequate reading material in the waiting room, so by driving completely out of our way, we just happened to drive right by a dollar store where I picked up cards!

The fact that I would be a grown man reading baseball cards in a dentist waiting room did not faze me in the least. (For the record, I do not embarrass easy.)

So we stopped at a Dollar Tree and I picked up 5 packs of this:

They haven't had the packs of just baseball cards in a long time, so I was quite happy to see these.

And I was even more excited when I saw the Drakes Big Hitters card on the top as well.

I opened 3 of the packs in the waiting room, and 1 in the car later. I saved the 5th pack to open now.

So beginning with the Gary Matthews Drake's card, here's what the rest of the pack contained.

1986 Topps Mike Gallego (A's)
1989 Fleer Lloyd Moseby (Blue Jays)

1990 Donruss Grand Slammers Fred McGriff (Blue Jays)

This is the first time I've seen any of the Grand Slammers cards. This is from a 12-card bonus set that was included when you bought the 1990 Donruss factory set.

1989 Fleer Dwight Evans (Red Sox)
1987 Topps Steve Lake (Cardinals)
1993 Topps Tom Lampkin (Padres)

2003 Donruss Elite Kazuhisa Ishii (Dodgers)
1992 Donruss Milt Thomspon (Cardinals)
1989 Fleer Bob Horner (Cardinals)
1994 Upper Deck Greg Blosser (Red Sox)
1996 Upper Deck Jason Bere (White Sox)
1995 Leaf Henry Rodriguez (Dodgers)
1988 Donruss Alejandro Pena (Dodgers)
1990 Donruss Bob Kipper (Pirates)
1992 Donruss Rod Beck (Giants)
1990 Score Wade Boggs Highlight (Red Sox)
1990 Score Scott Bailes (Indians)
1992 Donruss Rickey Henderson AS (A's)
1986 Topps Wayne Gross (Orioles)
1989 Fleer Daryl Boston (White Sox)
1992 Studio Benito Santiago (Padres)

1982 Donruss Tom Hume (Reds)
1988 Score Steve Bedrosian HL (Phillies)
2002 Fleer Bud Smith (Cardinals)
1989 Fleer German Gonzalez (Twins)
1993 Topps Ken Hill (Expos)
1989 Fleer Jim Corsi (A's)/Bob Milacki (Orioles)
1989 Fleer Jim Corsi (A's)/Bob Milacki (Orioles) - yes, I got it twice
1989 Fleer Rafael Santana (Yankees)

1987 Topps Russ Morman (White Sox)
1990 Score Dave Dravecky (Giants)
1989 Donruss Ron Kittle (Indians)
1994 Upper Deck Deion Sanders (Braves)

This was pretty standard for a repack. I got a few cards I needed and plenty of enjoyment.

And I scored more points (not that I need any more) with my fiancee.


  1. Good times.

    Can't picture opening cards in a waiting room. Usually way too preoccupied.

    Although there was one time when I had to sit in a waiting room for nine hours. Definitely could've used cards then.

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