Monday, May 27, 2013

The Cardsone Chronicles - Baseball Edition (Season 1 Episode 1)

Most of the repacks I buy are from the dollar store. There is a Dollar Tree where I live and I usually stop in there around once a week. Quite often they have what is a labled as an "Ultimate Super Jumbo Pack", which can often be an assortment of cards from all sports, or in this case the "Baseball Edition". The company is called Cardsone, and these packs generally contain cards solely from the junk wax era. I still enjoy opening these and often will open one before I go to bed. It sort of winds down the evening for me. The most recent batch of these featured a card from 1985 Topps peeking through the wrapper.
If you've never seen one of these, follow along. 

Here's the first card, now unobstructed.

1985 Topps Mike Witt (Angels)
1990 Upper Deck Billy Hatcher (Pirates)
1990 Score Phil Bradley (Orioles)
1990 Upper Deck Mark Davis (Royals)

2003 UD Patch Collection Rich Aurilia (Giants)
1990 Upper Deck Jack Howell (Angels)
1989 Score Bill Wegman (Brewers)
1990 Score Ricky Jordan (Phillies)
1990 Score Scott Fletcher (White Sox)

1988 Score Cecil Fielder (Blue Jays)
1990 Score Franklin Stubbs (Dodgers)

1984 Drake's Bill Buckner (Cubs)
1993 Topps Mel Rojas (Expos)

1984 Topps Richard Dotson (White Sox)
1989 Topps Rafael Palmeiro (Cubs)
1991 Upper Deck Kevin Mass (Yankees)
1991 Upper Deck Dave Gallagher (Orioles)

1990 Score Kal Daniels (Dodgers)
1990 Score Luis Quinones (Reds)
1991 Upper Deck John Burkett (Giants)
1990 Score Dan Quisenberry (Cardinals)
1991 Upper Deck Mike Gallego (A's)

1988 Score Kelly Gruber (Blue Jays)
1991 Upper Deck Deion Sanders (Braves)
1988 Score Luis Polonia (Angels)
1990 Score Kevin Romine (Red Sox)

1990 Upper Deck Dale Murphy (Braves)
1990 Score Chris James (Padres)
1990 Score Matt Merullo (White Sox)
1990 Score Mark Lemke (Braves)

1990 Score John Costello (Cardinals)
1990 Score Shawon Dunston (Cubs)

1990 Upper Deck Dale Murphy (Braves) - another one
1990 Upper Deck Jose Cano (Astros)

1991 Tom Brunansky (Red Sox)

If you were a fan of 1990 Score you would have loved this repack. 13 of the 30 cards (almost half) were from that set. I haven't finished it, so maybe I need a few of them. It also gets shout outs for the Drake's card, while finishing up with the Brunansky card. But if they were going to give me two of the Dale Murphy cards, they could at least made one be the reverse negative!!

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