Tuesday, July 25, 2017

My Memory Isn't What It Used To Be...On Second Thought I've Always Been This Way

Well that's certainly the longest title for a post that I've written...and it's based on fact. My wife still insists on starting questions with "Do you remember when...?" or "Remember the time when...?" and I always give her the same answer.


How do I remember important things like her birthday? Britney Spears was born the same day. I just Google Britney Spears if I need to know. (I'm just kidding, I know it's December 2nd. Um...hold on, I'll be right back.)

Yes, it's December 2nd. I knew it.

So you wouldn't be surprised to know I screwed up making a purchase recently.

I saw the one hundred card 1993 Classic Hockey Draft Set for a dollar.

If you were into hockey in the early to mid 90's you would recognize a lot of names in the set.

This was one of the many partial sets I had...until I found this.

I was looking through all of the cards, happy that I could finally file this set under "completed".

Although I did seem to recall that there were some Manon Rheaume cards that I was not seeing.

You probably don't know this name unless you were a Bruins fan.

I looked through all one hundred cards and then I remembered...

...it's a hundred AND FIFTY card set.


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  1. D'oh!
    Reminds me of when I need card number 111 and I think I need card 110 so I order card 110 then when putting it with cards from that set I see I already have card #110 D'oh! Its card 111 I need.