Monday, July 24, 2017

I Give Up

(Not on blogging, just trying to come up with a title for this post that isn't stupid.)

When I'm at a card show, I'm not only looking for baseball cards. Although I also collect football, hockey and basketball cards, when I see a good deal on movie/television cards I end up with those instead.

That said, when I stumble upon a table that has a lot of these types of cards I'm usually not interested in about 99 percent of them. But when they are sets of cards that I collected when I was a kid (and of course didn't complete) and I can pick up them up for cheap, you have my attention.

The first set I picked up was the eighty-eight card 1979 Topps Incredible Hulk set. (Unfortunately it did not come with the twenty-two stickers.) The set was in really good condition...much better than the heavily creased partial set that I currently had.

The backs of the cards either had "TV Facts"...

...or a piece of one of these four puzzles.

Also making the trek home with me was the sixty-six card "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" set. Again, the stickers were not included. This was another set that I had a few "well loved" cards from. I didn't realize this until I looked the set up on Cardboard Connection, but Richard Dreyfuss is nowhere to be found on these cards.

Like the Incredible Hulk set, the backs of the cards had either facts about it...

...or a piece of a puzzle.

The final set I picked up was from a movie that I hadn't seen until about 10 years ago.

Even though I was alive in the 70's, I was far too young to experience anything like this...

...although I did get to ride in a station wagon numerous times back then... the back...

...without a seatbelt...

...sitting on the hump.

We were crazy back then.

Just like the three for ten dollar price tag for this trip down memory lane.


  1. ah the 70s! i may have to pick up the SNF cards. It ran on the big screen here a couple months ago so I went with a friend. I was only 12 when it came out. My older Step-Sister snuck me into the show. No way did I understand half of what I was seeing. I was mesmerized with the disco lights and soundtrack. I left the new showing with so many mixed emotions, feeling suddenly older. But for a little while, I was lost in the 70s and it felt wonderful!

  2. I also see one table at the card show that has nothing but pop cards from the '70s and '80s. But it's usually stuff I'm not interested in. ,,, Hulk and Close Encounters are both represented on my '70s/'80s movie/TV binder page tho!

    I remember Saturday Night Fever listed on the marquee in my town's movie theater for-EVER. I was 12 at the time so there was no chance I was getting in, but I knew it had to be a big deal because the movie never left the theater.

  3. I occasionally check Ebay for the Hulk set w/stickers. Don't have any of them. The Close Encounters cards/stickers I had gotten a few packs back in the day, of course never finished the set. I think I even have some more recently acquired packs (maybe as many as 3) unopened.

    From my 70s childhood I have a partial/near set of Welcome Back Kotter with many dupes, been meaning to complete that one as well. Need to find them again to see which ones I still need (that set didn't have stickers which was a bit odd for mid 1970s Non-Sport Topps) Have even been watching an Ebay auction or two.