Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Gone But Not Forgotten

Kaz from "This Way To The Clubhouse" may not blog anymore, but he certainly comes to mind when I have an excess of "useless" Mets. I sent him a few a while back and he responded by sending me some "very useful" Red Sox.

Most of these names are pretty familiar even to non-Red Sox fans save for Michael Chavis who is currently in Double A. According to, he is a third baseman with "defensive struggles".

Awesome. Just what we need.

Blake Swihart is/was a promising catching prospect currently playing for the Pawtucket Red Sox. Then last year they put him in left field. Now they are going to try him at first and third base.

Rusney Castillo is making 11 million dollars a year while playing for the Pawtucket Red Sox. What a gig.

Thanks Mark for all of the great cards! Hope all is well!

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