Friday, June 26, 2015

Now This Is Why I Blog

A few posts ago I showed off a card from the 1991 Upper Deck Quarterback Challenge that I had won off of Listia. I also mentioned that I really like this set, but didn't have very many cards from it.

Shortly after my post Brian (aka Captain Canuck) commented that he had a stack of doubles that I could have if I wanted.


But that wasn't all that he sent me.

It's not everyday that the mere sight of 1990 Donruss can bring happiness to someone. But when it's the last three cards you need (and three off of my Discouraging Dozen list), it's time for a celebration!

Mmmmm...almost cheaper than bottled water.

There was one more card in the envelope.

Another 90's set I should have finished a long time ago. Now I'm one card closer.

Many thanks for the cool cards, Captain!

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  1. I've always liked those QB Challenge set cards. I need to finish it. I've never seen the looks like they cribbed a shot from the Proline NFL set.