Saturday, June 6, 2015

Splitters, Squeezes, And Steals

Every Christmas my mom buys me every baseball book she can find. Consequently, I have bins of unread books that will take me years to finish. This book was pretty enjoyable to read as it looks like there was a lot of research put into the history of pitching, hitting and even concessions.

However if you are going to take that much time to research your topic, never underestimate the power of a good proofreader.

Bert Hooten?

Javy Rodriguez? Do you think he knows Manny Ortiz?

Rickey Henderson is spelled Ricky throughout the book.

No, there's nothing wrong with the spelling of Don Baylor's's just that the picture is of Jim Rice.

More misspelled names.

He may throw a mean forkball, but I doubt he was throwing it in 1965.

I enjoyed reading the book, but let's face it, this is embarrassing.

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