Monday, July 15, 2013

Programs! Get Your 55 Year Old Programs! (Part II)

My last post was the beginning of a three-part post displaying a 1958 Red Sox scorecard that I have. You can see the first post here. I'm going through it page by page and it is interesting to see all the different advertisements and what happened to the brands since then. Like todays programs, it is mostly advertising.

I also noticed while I was putting this post together that I missed scanning two pages, so this post will be a bit longer than the other two.

We all know that Coca - Cola is still around, but look at those ticket prices!

75 cents for the bleachers!

$2.75 for box seats!

...and you could buy tickets at Filene's?

The best part of this page are the three paragraphs to the right side:

"Physicians expecting telephone calls are requested to leave their names and seat locations with the attendant at Office Door in back of grandstand on third base side."

"Patrons finding articles are asked to return them to the office."

"We will consider it a favor if patrons will report to the office the slightest inattention or rudeness on the part of any employee."

They didn't have cell phones back then, so I would imagine you had to call the ballpark if a physician was expecting your call. Then someone from the ballpark had to find him and let him know he had a phone call. And pity the poor employee if he was the slightest bit inattentive or rude to the physician.

The Hancock Tower is now known as the Berkeley Building. At the time of this program it was the 2nd tallest building in Boston.
The weather beacon still works and flashed red and blue when the Red Sox won the 2004 and 2007 World Series, the only times the color schemes have been changed.
J. W. Dant Distillery Co. was bought in 1993 by Heaven Hill Distilleries. Their Wikipedia page lists J.W. Dant bourbon as a brand, but I couldn't find it on their website.

The blurb in the middle just mentions that it's the 26th year of the Yawkey regime and gives a little bit of history about the Red Sox name. They have been known as the Red Sox since 1908. Before that it was the "Americans", the "Pilgrims", and one I have a hard time believing...the "Speed Boys".

Hood is still around, Seagrams is not (although the brand still exists, the company does not). Seagrams was sold off to a variety of companies, most notably Coca - Cola and Diageo (England).

The middle of this page and the next one focuses one teaching you how to score a game. I've never done that. I should try it sometime.

Another ad for Coca - Cola, and the second cigarette ad of the program.

Old Gold is still being made by the Lorillard Tobacco Company, although the picture on their website just says Old Gold, not Old Gold Straights. They also make Newport and Kent, among others. Last year they were the first tobacco company to enter the e-cigarette market.

You can also find all of the symbols you need for scoring because....'ll need it when you score the game! This program is unscored, but it also doesn't give me any clue as to what day the game actually was. After researching on, I have a good idea what game this was, and I'll present my guesswork at the end of the last post.

Altria Group (formerly known as Phillip Morris Companies, Inc.) is the current manufacturer of both Chesterfield and L&M cigarettes. Kent was mentioned on the last page and searching for Oasis brings up nothing about cigarettes and plenty about the band.

Mennen is owned by Colgate - Pamolive in most parts of the world. In France it is owned by L'Oreal. The Mennen name however is being slowly phased out in many countries, however in North America the brand is still pretty well known.

Beats the hell out of me what mansmooth is. I'm assuming it's a type of fabric, because you can find some of these shirts on ebay, but back then you could get them at Jordan Marsh - The Store For Men.

It looks like Gem razor blades are still being made, but now they are for "Industrial Use Only". You're not getting one of those near my face anyways.

More cigarettes. The brand Lucky Strike is still around, although nowhere near as popular now as they were back then.

Canada Dry is still around as well, although I'd like to see how many would be "offended" by the "Men of Action" slant.

And in the middle of the page you have a list of all the home games of the 1958 season.

Narragansett sponsored Red Sox and Braves broadcasts throughout much of the first half of the 20th century. After changing hands a few times, the brewery closed on July 31, 1981. Production of the beer had moved to Indiana, but the quality was not the same and sales declined. The brand was purchased again in 2005 and has since been revitalized.

You can still buy Gulden's mustard in any grocery store (at least around here).

There's also a list of the away games from the 1958 schedule.

Carling Black Label is still being sold, however only in Canada and South Africa. The company is now owned by the Molson Coors Brewing Company.
By checking the Red Sox website, most of the dimensions are the same. The only glaring difference is that it is listed as 310 feet to left field rather than 315. I wasn't able to find out if Fenway Park is illuminated by more than the 1120 lights that were used in 1958. I'm sure it is.
Pheeew! Feeling nostalgic yet?


  1. I'm from Chicago so one thought was, hey, I thought we had the first John Hancock building (apparently not). One other observation. I recall seeing pictures of GEM razor ads on one or more outfield walls. Could have been anywhere but I'd guess Ebbets Field may have been one.

  2. You definitely need to score a game soon...although not on that scorecard!