Sunday, July 7, 2013

From Out Of Left Field

(Ok, more changes to the blog. I think I might stick with these for a while. I finally found a "Swing And A Pop-Up" card to use for the header. It is the back of Minnesota Twins outfielder Darren Reed's 1993 Donruss card. It's a small picture, but so far the only one I have found that is in "landscape" format.

I've also changed the background. This is a picture of Fenway Park that I took on June 15, 2007 from where I was sitting (Section 32). I would have preferred it to not be tiled like that, but blogger won't let me save it at any higher resolution.

Now back to your irregularly scheduled post.)

Many times I've read on other blogs about the joy of receiving an unexpected package of cards. Being one of the newer entries in the blogosphere, I had yet to experience that type of rush.

Sure I had gotten more cards than I had expected, sometimes way more than I expected. An example of that is here.

But I hadn't opened my mailbox to see a package of cards that I had no idea was coming.

That was until Robert at $30 A Week Habit sent me a few Red Sox cards...From Out Of Left Field.

So let's start with a "leftfielder".

2013 Topps Wal-Mart Parallel Jackie Bradley Jr. If they don't keep Ellsbury after this year, he may be our centerfielder next year. In case you missed it, throughout Spring Training he was talked about like he was a first-ballot HOF.

Now, I have gone on record saying I don't know why there are so many Brock Holt cards this year. I didn't see him as ever playing for the Red Sox. Well, not only is he playing, he started at third base last night. This is one of the reasons why I don't play the stock market.

And this is why he started at third base. Mr. Middlebrooks has been sent down to Pawtucket. A .192 batting average will do that to you.

The man they call Fat Albers. At least around here anyways. I was surprised to see him as a Red Sox in 2012 Topps Update, considering he had been traded to the Diamondbacks at the trade deadline. I thought that was the point of the Update set, but maybe I'm wrong. It wouldn't be the first time.

And we'll finish with a 2013 Bowman parallel of Mr. Middlebrooks. Hopefully he gets it straightened out and comes back to the Sox soon and shows the same talent that made Kevin Youkilis expendable. Right now the only players hitting worse are the aformentioned Bradley Jr. and backup catcher David Ross (who is currently on the DL). This isn't including Jonathan Diaz and Brock Holt, who are both currently hitting .000, but with very limited opportunities.

So thank you Robert! I needed all of these, and I appreciate your generosity. I'll gladly take any unwanted Red Sox you have.

I also want to thank my scanner...for cutting off the sides of all the cards, rather than just a select few.

Awesome job to the both of you.

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  1. Sometimes, you just have to get cards into the hands of the people that will appreciate them the most.

    Hopefully I'll have another opportunity to do that for you Bert. Enjoy!!