Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Cardsone Chronicles - Baseball Edition (Season 1 Episode 2)

Hello, and welcome to the latest episode of "The Cardsone Chronicles"

Most of the repacks I buy are from the dollar store. There is a Dollar Tree where I live and I usually stop in there around once a week. Quite often they have what is a labled as an "Ultimate Super Jumbo Pack", which can often be an assortment of cards from all sports, or in this case the "Baseball Edition". The company is called Cardsone, and these packs generally contain cards solely from the junk wax era. I still enjoy opening these and often will open one before I go to bed. It sort of winds down the evening for me. The most recent batch of these featured a card from 1985 Topps peeking through the wrapper.

Now here's an unobstructed view of the first card.

1985 Topps Pat Tabler (Indians)
1990 Upper Deck Hector Villanueva (Cubs)
1990 Upper Deck Paul Sorrento (Twins)
1990 Upper Deck Joe Kraemer (Cubs)

1991 Upper Deck Chuck Knoblauch (Twins)
1989 Score Pete Stanicek (Orioles)
1989 Score Tom Prince (Pirates)

1990 Score Jose Canseco (A's)
1990 Score Dan Gladden (Twins)
1990 Fleer Jim Eisenreich (Royals)

1989 Score Gary Sheffield (Brewers)
1990 Fleer Mark Davis (Padres)
1989 Score Kevin McReynolds (Mets)
1987 Topps Vance Law (Cubs)

1990 Score Vince Coleman (Cardinals)
1990 Score Tom Browning (Reds)
1991 Upper Deck Joe Girardi (Cubs)
1991 Upper Deck Gary Sheffield (Brewers)

1985 Topps Dave Parker (Reds)
1991 Upper Deck Tino Martinez (Mariners)
1988 Topps Ken Landreaux (Dodgers)
1989 Score Mike LaValliere (Pirates)
1989 Score Chad Kreuter (Rangers)

1988 Topps Mark Knudson (Brewers)
1990 Fleer John Dopson (Red Sox)
1990 Fleer Zane Smith (Expos)
1992 Topps Nolan Ryan RB (Rangers)

1992 Topps Jimmy Key (Blue Jays)
1990 Score Felix Fermin (Indians)
1990 Score Greg Swindell (Indians)
1991 Upper Deck Zane Smith (Pirates)
1989 Score Al Pedrique (Pirates)
1989 Score Mackey Sasser (Mets)

1991 Upper Deck Charles Nagy (Indians)
1991 Upper Deck Eric King (Indians)

Like the first episode of "The Cardsone Chronicles", it was heavy on the Score releases (though only about half as many 1990 Score). Seeing the Knoblauch and Nagy Upper Deck cards brought back memories, as they were highly coveted back in the early 90's.

I needed both the Parker and Tabler for my '85 Topps Set, as well as the Pedrique and LaValliere from the '89 Score Set. I was really suprised to see the Sheffield RC, even if it was from '89 Score.

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  1. I've been into these same dollar store packs lately, myself. There are four stores near me and there's been a good variety to choose from. One store had a bunch of packs with 2002 Topps Archives cards on top, which was pretty sweet.