Monday, June 10, 2013

Another Weekend Card Show - Finally!

Yes it's true, I finally made it to another card show. I had planned a couple within the past few months, but something would always come up that would prevent me from making it there.

So I was determined to make this show...even if I could only spend twenty minutes there.

So I decide to focus on sets from the 70's. As I have mentioned before, these are the only sets where I can just look at the card and tell whether I have it or not. At least I'd like to think I'm still able to do that. Eventually I will make lists for these sets.

The late 70's sets were so much a part of my life when I was a child, and I would read the backs repeatedly. I knew every player on every team back then. So even just spending twenty minutes reliving the 70's through baseball cards made me very happy.

So what did I end up coming home with?

There you go. I also found a single 2103 Topps card that I needed.

There are a couple of dealers there that have a lot of 70's cards. I could have spent a lot more if I had the time.

But I can certainly relate to collectors who shun the new stuff for old. Even though I enjoy ripping open packs of new stuff, I have to admit looking through the stacks of 70's cards was way more fun.

And cheaper. I only spent $12, and that includes getting five relic cards to use as future trade bait.

Now if next time I could remember to bring the list of '75 Topps minis that Night Owl needs...

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  1. Looks like some nice loot there! Especially considering you only spent $12 at the whole show!