Sunday, March 20, 2016

I'm Getting Around To It

"I'm getting around to it."

I've said that countless times over the past few months. Right now I am so far behind in just about everything. Case in point: I received these two cool cards from Matt from the awesome blog "Bob Walk The Plank" over two weeks ago and I haven't even thanked him, much less posted them.

2015 Topps Tribute. These are cards I will never be able to afford. So I have to wait for Matt to send me things like this very, very cool Koji Uehara relic.

How did Matt know that Jim Rice is my favorite player of all time? Maybe I mentioned it somewhere, or maybe he's just that good. (Not that I'm being greedy or anything, but if you ever happen to see anything from Ellis Burks...)

The Jim Rice auto will fit in nicely next to the 1972 Phil Gagliano auto. Someday I'll have this all filled with Red Sox.

Thank you Matt!


  1. I'm glad the Rice found a good home! The display you have created is really nice.

  2. I had that Gagliano card signed at my 1973 little league banquet