Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Baseball Bloggers Beware, This Is About Football Cards

Since this post is about football cards, I'm sure a lot of you will zoom right by it. But for those of you who don't, I often buy those 100 card baseball repacks that are $4.99 at Target. But they haven't had any for a while, so I was forced to buy the 75 card football repack that includes one pack as well. These repacks also boast that one in four boxes has a "hit".

I generally buy one of the other three boxes, but this time I was lucky because I was hit with a "hit".

Now don't get me wrong. I do feel a twitch of excitement whenever I see one of these cards show up, regardless of who it is.

This is a jersey card of William Green from 2002 Press Pass. I have no idea (or don't remember) who William Green is. So pardon me whilst I do some research....

Ok, he was a first round pick of the Cleveland Browns in 2002. Beset by alcohol and drug problems, he was out of football by 2006. He is now an ordained minister.

2013 Score was the pack that was included.

Inside the pack was another hit! Zoinks!

I have no idea who Chris Givens is either. Time for more research....

He led the Rams in receiving yards his rookie season (not a bad way to start your career), but has declined since (a good way to end your career). After being traded to the Baltimore Ravens last season, he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles just last week.

Even though I was "forced" to buy this repack, it wasn't so bad after all.


  1. As a Browns collector I would be happy to trade for the William Green hit. What would you be interested in for it?

  2. Pretty nice repack. At the very least it looks like you have some good trade bait.

    By the way Angus is a great trade partner so if you haven't dealt with him I can definitely vouch. He is awesome!