Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Digging In The Dirt

I've finished up the second half of the latest 1500 count monster box that I bought from my LCS. The second half was better than the first as it gave me some cards I didn't have. First though, were more of the same.

There were one hundred and eighteen cards from 1987 Topps, giving me four hundred and forty-nine total. This was almost one-third of the box and put me halfway to yet another complete set. Yipee.

Back in 1987 there was no way I could afford the 1986 Donruss or Fleer Jose Canseco rookie cards, so this had to suffice. Twenty-seven years later I still don't have either of them.

This was another card I used to put into toploaders "back in the day". I even used to buy the toploaders that said "Rookie Card" on them just for cards like this.

Speaking of being close to completing another set, there was another big chunk of 1986 Topps. Three hundred and thirty-six cards worth.

I believe that gives me seven hundred and eighty-nine cards from that set, more than half of the box. I think there are not any dupes, so I'm probably just a few cards shy of my second set. I'm sure in my dupes box I have the rest I need.

You're probably thinking that it couldn't get any worse, could it?

Well....'re right. It was pretty much all good stuff after that.

Like a hundred and fifty-eight from 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen.

I hadn't bought any of this yet, and with only a few dupes, it's a good starter set.

A small stack of 2014 Topps Series 1 was included, 99 cards worth. I've already finished this set, so I didn't need any of these either. Hopefully some of you out there haven't finished this, because I've got quite a bit to spare.

The last stack of cards in this monster box was from 2014 Topps Heritage. Only eighteen cards, but since I haven't bought more than a couple packs of this, it'll do.

Take away the Gypsy Queen, and this box was a solid F. It doesn't damper my enthusiasm for buying them however, because as soon as I finished going through this box, I went to my LCS and bought another. 

Of course you'll get the details in an upcoming post. Lucky you.

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  1. You might find a hidden treasure! Don't know until you try, right?