Thursday, April 3, 2014

2003 Greg Maddux UD Super Patch Logo

Because of the way I purchase cards and my not-all-that-particularly-good-luck with ripping packs, I don't get very many hits. And I almost never get a decent hit, much less a really great one.

I don't remember what I was opening when I pulled this card, but it immediately scored high on the "coolness" scale. Since I don't buy cards with the sole purpose of reselling them, how much it is "worth" is purely for curiosity's sake. Every now and then I would check online to see if there was a similar one, and see what it was being listed for, but hadn't had any luck finding another one.

I think this is a beautiful card, and now a Hall of Famer to boot. I've never pulled anything quite like it before.  It looks like the "n" from Atlanta from one of his jerseys. You also can see a little bit of the "a" and "t" on either side. While sorting through cards, I came across it again and looked online again to see if I could find another one.

This time I was able to find another one of the these on eBay which had the capital "A" from Atlanta.

The starting bid?


I was pleasantly surprised, but this baby's staying in my collection, not ending up on eBay.


  1. That is cool! I'm sure if you find a Maddux or Braves collector they would load you up with Red Sox. Great card