Monday, February 10, 2014

Cards From The Binder (Chapter 9)

Well now that I've completed my first year of blogging, I'm excited to begin year two. As I'm sure you'll agree, what better way to kick off the year than with the non-critically acclaimed "Cards From The Binder" series.

There are Denny's restaurants in my area, although I very rarely go to them. I think this was the only time that I went that they were giving out cards. I think I was in Methuen, MA when I got this one.

As usual, the card looks way better in person that in the scan.

Out of curiosity, I checked the boxscore of said game. It was 12 - 2, with Tom Candiotti picking up the loss. McDowell gave up 7 runs in 2 and 2/3'rds innings. Pendleton was also pinch hit for by Jeff Treadway his next time up.

The next three cards fall under the "I have no idea why I still have these" file. I'm pretty sure I got these at a card show. One of the LCS's in my area (the one where I buy the cards for my "Monster Box Mania" series of posts) used to hold card shows all the time. It was and still is more a comic book store than a card shop. There were always bags of promo items that would be given out which would sometimes include baseball cards, but mostly comic books, stickers, posters, etc. I threw out just about everything I got from these a while ago, but these cards remain (at least for now).

OverPower was a card game featuring characters from Marvel Comics which debuted in August 1995. I'm sure this is probably around the time that I got these.

According to it's Wikipedia page this is a description of the game:

"A deck typically consists of any combination of four heroes and/or villains, three in the frontline and one in reserve. The rest of the deck consists of fifty-one cards representing offensive and defensive actions that can be taken by the characters or their allies. Each player also chooses a set of 7 mission cards, that represent their team's goals. Finally, each player may also have a homebase and/or a battlesite that represent where their team is from and where the battle will take place. The goal of the game is to either KO the opponent's entire team, or to complete all 7 mission cards (or defeat all 7 of the opponent's).
Players take turns playing attacks back and forth. During a battle, characters may become hurt, and if they are hurt enough, they may be KO'd and eliminated. In addition, each team ventures a number of mission cards, and the winner of the battle completes those missions, while the loser's missions are defeated. If neither team concedes, the team that did more damage to the other is the winner."

The game was produced by Fleer and production was ceased in October, 1997.

This is a pre-production 1996 Topps Stadium Club card of Kenny Lofton.

A quick internet search found one of these on Amazon for $4.99 (plus $3.99 shipping!!). I'm pretty sure this was included in a baseball card magazine I purchased around the time it was produced.

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