Thursday, October 17, 2013

Trading Thursdays - Philadelphia Phillies Edition

As I've mentioned on this blog before, one of the things I enjoy most about the blogosphere is trading with other bloggers. I don't make it to too many card shows, and it's often times very tough to find the cards I need to complete the sets I'm working on.

I've gotten closer to some sets thanks to the trading I've done, and hopefully I've been to help other bloggers with their collecting goals as well. So I've been thinking for a while about how I can help initiate some trading with other collectors/bloggers that I may not have connected with yet. Of course, I'm certainly up for trading with collectors/bloggers that I've traded with before.

So every Thursday I post a collection of items representing a specific team. It will generally consist of mostly cards from that team, but it could also include a media guide, a yearbook, a pack of cards with a player from that team on the wrapper, etc.

If you are interested in it, either comment on the blog or email me at, with what you want to trade for it. No reasonable offer will be refused, however it does have to be off of my want list. I need to finish these sets! Trade me a dozen cards, trade me a hundred cards, trade me one card, but help me finish these sets!

I only have a small percentage of my "wants" uploaded. This is a huge work in process, and I am adding new want lists up weekly. I also keep track via a sidebar on my blog letting readers know what lists have been added in the past week. There are also some "junk wax" sets on there that I haven't finished. I know some of you are sitting on some '88 Score, 92 Leaf, etc., and this could be a chance to unload some of it to someone who needs it!

This week I feature the Philadelphia Phillies.

So here's what up for trade this week:

1979 Topps Bake McBride

1978 Topps Warren Brusstar

1984 Topps Purina Pete Rose

1987 Topps Milt Thompson

1993 Leaf Danny Jackson

2010 Topps Raul Ibanez

1991 Topps Update Wally Backman

2007 Topps Heritage Ryan Howard

2007 Topps Chrome Jimmy Rollins

2007 Topps Update Francisco Rosario

1995 Bazooka Len Dykstra

1994 Topps Finest Len Dykstra

2012 Topps Chase Utley

1998 Upper Deck Midre Cummings

1996 Upper Deck Jim Eisenreich

1996 Topps Stadium Club Sid Fernandez

1996 Bowman Scott Rolen

1995 Fleer Emotion Charlie Hayes

2013 Topps Archives Cliff Lee

2013 Topps Chasing History Roy Halladay

2012 Topps Jim Thome

1990 Topps Coin Von Hayes

1975 Topps Mini Willie Montanez

1976 Topps Bob Boone

Here's what the view looks like from my deck. A beautiful day here at the Swing And A Pop-Up compound.

A great day to do some trading.

So if you are interested in trading for all of this, either leave a comment or email me at with what you wish to trade. First person to contact me wins the entire package of Phillies.

Don't forget to check the sidebar to see what other team packages I have available for trade. Click on the team and it will take you straight to the posting!

Thanks for reading and let's trade!

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