Monday, September 8, 2014

250 Baseball Card Cube: You've Been Halved (Part 2)

Where does the time go? I hope everybody has been enjoying the last few weeks of summer, and that your baseball team has been treating you well. My last post featured the first half of a 250 baseball card cube that I picked up at Target. Here is the second half.

There were a few cards from the early Donruss releases.

One of the annoying things about a lot of the "newer" releases is that when I get them in repacks, I sometimes have a hard time (usually because the print is so small), determining what year the cards are from.

No such problem with these.

The first half of the cube featured a card from the Upper Deck 2006 National Baseball Card Day set. I also got one from the 2006 Topps edition (which I'm also trying to put together).

As you can see, I tend to favor the older cards when I buy these cubes. This Ed Farmer is from the 1981 Fleer Star sticker set.

1995 Topps Finest Ismael Valdes. I liked these cards when they came out. I didn't like how much they cost at the time (way out of my price range).

1983 Fleer Wallace Johnson. I only bought one pack of this in 1983. I was on a Boy Scout trip to the World Jamboree in Alberta, Canada, so I have no idea where I actually bought the pack. What I do remember is that I pulled a card of Red Sox backup catcher Roger LaFrancois and accidentally spilled Kool-Aid all over it.

I collect minor league cards as well, although most of what I have are from Line Drive or Classic. I don't have too many of the cards from the Star sets of the late 1980's.

Here's the second card from the 2006 Upper Deck National Baseball Card Day that I pulled. I needed this one too.

Yay! I did grab one of those "other" cubes! 

Another card from the early 80's. I have a lot of 1981 Topps dupes if anyone is trying to put that set together.

The last highlight from the cube is another card from 1981 Donruss. When Donruss and Fleer released their 1981 sets, I don't remember having much luck finding them. Everybody had Topps, but finding packs from the other two sets was a difficult task. So consequently, although I really like this set, I don't have a whole lot of it.

The cube ended with a pack of 2013 Topps Update. Nothing exciting, although I did pull a Matt Lindstrom camouflage parallel.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. I'd say that was a pretty good cube. Camo parallels are tough finds.

  2. Like Nick said, the camo cards are pretty tough. Plus you could have done a lot worse than Tori Hunter for your relic card. Pretty good cube. At the very least you stocked your trade bait.

  3. Been said before, but nice hit on the Lindstrom! That's one of my favorite cards from last year's set, love the throwbacks.